Golf Tips: Setup for Female Golfers

Karen Tucker, PGA golf instructor at Tustin Ranch Golf Course, shows us how women can best set up for a proper swing.

Left-Handed Golf Tips : Hitting Iron Shots for Left-Handed Golfers

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Swaying in golf. Lesson and Golfing Tips

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Golfing Tips : How Can I Get More Distance Out of My Driver?

How to get more distance out of your driver is a very common question among golfers, and there are several aspects to achieving that. Find out what you can do to hit the ball further with tips from a professional

Golfing Tips : How to Improve Pitching Technique in Golf

To improve your pitching technique in golf, you should start using a sand wedge to hit higher and softer shots. Begin to improve your pitching technique in golf with advice from a director of golf operations in this free video

Golfing Tips : How to Add Weight to a Golf Club

There are two basic ways to add weight to an iron golf club, including a metal weight with magnetic tape or iron fillings that go in place of the grip. Learn about drivers that allow golfers to alter the weight

Golfing Tips : Tips for Caddying

There are several tips to being a good caddy, but most importantly is to know the course as well as possible. Become a great caddy with tips from a professional golf instructor in this free video on golf tips.

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Left-Handed Golf Tips : Posture for Left-Handed Golfers

Get tips on correct posture for left-handed golfers and learn a simple posture and alignment drill in this free online golf lesson video on how to play golf as a lefty.

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Cold Weather Golfing Tips.

Here we have Academy of Golf Dynamics instructor, Thor Lokey, discussing tips for cold weather golfing. Keeping your head, hands and feet warm is key, as is layering your clothes in thinner layers to keep core warmth while maintaining

Golfing Scoring & Tips : How to Figure Out a Golf Handicap

A golfer's handicap is determined by two factors, which are the course rating and the slope of the golf course. Subtract the course rating from a golf score, multiply by 113 and divide by the slope, and finally multiply by